Charles De Gaulle Set a Bad Example by Packing up and Leaving Algeria..

Charles De Gaulle

              Mark Twain

      The French were well settled in Algeria from July 5, 1830 to July 3, 1962  . Generations of French families were born and raised in Algeria.. The French living there considered it a second state of France. When Charlies De Gaulle gave the order to pack up and leave many Frenchman including the General Staff was near revolt.That set an extremely bad  example that with enough pressure and Mayhem Jews will pack up their tent and leave in the same manner. That was a poor assumption as fleeing Frenchman had France to go to that was never the case with Jews as Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people and Jews in Israel .In closing  we believe the Arabs underestimated the Jewish resolve and excepted Jews to run away with  their tale between their legs and exit as France did in Algeria in 1962 Well it didn’t happen./
American author Mark Twain who was not Jewish nor did he ever meet or know anyone who was visited the Holy Land in 1873..  He had no axe to grind against any group and made this observation.
  He described it as a desolate country – devoid of both vegetation and human population: When Jews started returning fleeing the horrors of the pogroms it brought Arabs into that are seeking work.We are sure that there was some other minuet populations there such as caretakers of Churches and other religious sites …However many of those sites were abandoned left fallow without  maintenance whatsover.By in-large it was an unpopulated land except perhaps a few passing through Bedouins but nothing more.
The current Arab population living in Israel are not indigenous to Israel, they are not descendants of the ancient Philistines (Who Were of Greek Origins) as they would like everyone to believe.. That’s just History revision for political purposes nothing more. You can always tell the geographic area of origin of an Arab by their last names. Many of today’s “Palestinian s’ came to this area from Tunisia in the 1930’s to build the British Highway System…
French conquest of Algeria – WikipediaImage result for hand pointing picture
Algerian War of Independence (1960) CIA Archives French President …Image result for hand pointing picture
More on Arab immigrants, So called “Palestinians”. When they started …Image result for hand pointing picture

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