The Palestinians Come Negotiation Time Will Reap What They Sowed..Bubkis

You know what…When your are negotiating for a raise and you demand too much do you know what you wind up getting? Nothing,Zilch, Nada,Goose Eggs,Bubkis. After all the Hateful and Disrespectful U.N votes proclaiming that Jews have no historical ties to Jerusalem or a Judaism’s holiest site the Western Wall (The Kotel) to all the other  present outrageous disrespect claims by UNESCO right up to the utter Filth that is being taught in their U.N. Run & Funded schools.
Now nothing is off-limits with Abbas and Company as he attacks Holocaust  victims by placing blame on them for their savage fate that they all endured .We are now witnessing  Palestinian Arabs attempting to breach the Israel Gaza  border  dressed  Jewish concentration. Camp garb.This is a an all time low even for the Palestinian leadership to interject these poor departed  death camp victims into the fray in a this most disrespectful manner.Abbas continues to the Reward Terrorists with cash & when they murder Jews as well as  the naming of Streets after those particular Terrorists remains an all time low. Once Terror it s introduced  as means to advance their cause .. agreeing to any of their whould be capitulation to terror and that can never be allowed to occur.

Most Importantly the Palestinian Authority regnaged on 2 Peace Treaties.. First Peace Deal the handing over of  Sinai, and 2nd the handing over  of Gaza and part of Judea and Samaria (West, bank) as a prelude for Further peace.. Do they think that Israel can trust them for a 3rd time?  There’s an old expression “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”. When it comes to keeping their word .. The Arabs no longer have any Validity.. Truth of the  matter is that the Palestinians will never accept an Israel if it were only one inch wide and they then  would fight Tooth and Nail with every Once and Fiber and Strength to take over that one inch ….Who’s Fooling Who ?
There was never an outcry for any Palestinian state before 1967 when Jordan held sovereignty over the West bank. There are 22 Arab Nations Comprising an Area the size of the Continental United States and 52  additional Muslim Nations While there is only one Jewish country the size of New Jersey..Its high time that their Brother Arabs Step up to the Plate and Show them some Hospitality and let then into their Borders once and for all to put an end to this Nightmare.  When Israel handed over Gaza the Palestinian leadership received a massive aid package..Gaza was to be destined to the  “Hong Kong’ of the Middle East ..Instead their leadership (Hamas) chose Rockets of  mass destruction and to build Tunnels to Murder Innocent Israeli families while they Slept. There’s a saying that you  catch more flies  with honey than vinegar..that concept  is allied to the Palestinians. The Palestinian Arab leadership signed on to OSLO that is all their getting.. period
The Palestinian’ Arabs want all Terrorism perpetrated  against Israels Jewish population from Suicide  Bombings,Car Ramming and Stabbings forgiven as the end justifies the the means.That will never happen.
Israel has witnessed  sophisticated Tunnels drilled with International aid that was  intended for to make Gaza the Hong Kong of the Middle East for the sole purpose to murder Jews while they sleep  their  homes.Someone should  tell the Palestinian Leadership that will only serve as a deterant  for any future International Aid as you can only  fool people once.
Golda Meir  once said if the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be no further war.. If  Jews whould put down the weapons there would be no more Israel..
 In the final analysis  you reap what you sow Hence They’re going to get nothing.. They had their chance and they threw it away now  they’ll get Bubkis
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