Trumps Wall.. Let Us Tell Everyone The Facts of Life..

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       Trumps Proposed Wall on our Southern Border…Whether your pro or con we will attempt to explain the folly of this Suggested undertaking. First off  let us give everyone some insight to the reality of this venture. Over 20 years ago a I was a passenger  in a Limousine on route to the Airport the Limo Driver pointed out the fence along The L.I.E.(495 Highway). He went by to tell me that it costs a million dollars a mile, and that was then. Today that Same Wooden Fence along Fence along the same highway would cost with inflation 10x that amount. The MTA is building a tunnel from Pennsylvania Station to Grand Central Station it has been being built for the last 45 years and counting though it’s drilling through Earth and Stone  the distance is only a mere 15 minute walk from Penn Station to Grand Central Station. This Wall will take a minimum of 20 years to complete.
Trumps Wall if it’s ever going to be built was supposed to constructed of Brick Mortor and Lime, and not  like one small patch of highway but from California to the end of Texas. It will be a  monumental undertaking if it’s ever gets launched. Now secondly from the start of the wall to the end is not a straight line many of not most of the land will have to be confiscated under the guise of Eminent Domain. Now this Eminent Domain is not like  your local county taking the. piece of grass between the Road and your Sidewalk, this undertaking will involve the scraping and relocating and restructuring of many Anesments. ..Such as Water Rights and Useage , Mineral Rghts and Unions.. Many  Water Anesments will have to be rerouted , Mineral mining and oil extraction beneath those areas are along with everybody else will put up a big legal battle..And thou when you normally build something in  Tank Town in Texas labor is non-union and dirt cheap that’s not going to be the case here. This would become entirely a Union production..It  be an extremely high paying sought after  Job similar to the Employment opportunity reminiscent of the “Alaskan Pipeline” Every Shmuck and his brother will be applying to work there.
It will be marked for dome right from the get go. If and when there is ever another Democratic party President regaining  the Oval office the very first item on their  order of business will be to eliminate any funding and further construction  no different from  what Trump did with Obama care..Bottom Line At the End of The Day a  Construction of The Wall across our Southern Border was nothing more than a  Great Campaign Sound Bite nothing more..That our friends  is The Facts of Life concerning the Wall and You can take that to the Bank..Believe Me!
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