The Sad Truth About All Those Bumper Protectors

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Let me first tell everyone a story concerning another product, “A Pair of Auto Seat Covers” It was in the year 1994 and I just bought a 1990 Toyota Terrell.. I wanted to protect my original vinyl seats so I purchased a quality set of Auto seat covers.. I had them professionally installed, they made my car interior look fantastic. I was about 155 lbs When I bought the seat covers.. I  gained about  140 more lbs. Over the next few years ballooning up-to 290 lbs. It was a  several years since I had those seat cover installed. They had been now frayed on the driver’s seat side and when I removed the ripped cover..The upholstery underneath it was ripped to shreds ..Well whatever Brand “Bumper Protector” that you decide on be warned that the day comes that you decide to remove this Bumper product from your car… You’re going be in for a rude awakening. You will discover a great number of damage  beneath the “Bumper Protector Product” your bumper will be dinged, chipped hit every which way.. It practically begs to be tapped by the driver parking the car behind them to tap your bumper as if it’s invulnerable and be warned…  they most certainly will do that. In the end it actually defeats the purpose that was you bought it for in the first place. 


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