Turkish Ambassador Must Be Expelled From U.S.

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     We are going to make this story short and as its plain as to what occured.. Four days ago the the Turkish Ambassordor had his security detail attack and assault U.S. Citizens protesting outside the Turkish Embassy, nine of those assaulted were hospitalized .  Maybe they can pull that crap over in Turkey but not here on U.S.Soil. There has never been any foreign dignitary ever to come to our nation nor any of our Ambassodors abroad ever dared to say anthing about protesters in the nations that they are stationed in . Turkish Ambasodor Serdar Kılıc shouldn’t never have even  remotely criticized any protestor against his nation on U.S. soil let alone have his security detail assault them .  He shouldn’t  never said intervened in the protests  against the protesters regardless what was being said.There was never a physical threat to either him nor the his Embassy’s personel . Now the ball is in Secretary of State Tillerson’s Court to eject Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıc’s credentials and get him he hell off U. S. Soil… This assault on our citizens is beyond the pale of acceptability for any visting dignitary to have contributed to do ..Please read below..

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