Who Will Speak For Dead Victims of Terror? ..Don’t Support Terrorists Who Are On A Hunger Strike

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    We can’t get over all the vocal outcry of support for these Palestinian Terrorists Who wish to participate in a hunger strike.. Why should any decent person of any Ethnic or Religious background champion these Animals.. Who will speak for all the  victims of their murder and mayhem? You drive a car into a crowed street with the sole intention  killing Jews or either stabbing innocent Jews to death in the market place or sneeking into Isreal via tunnels from Gaza and killing famlies while there asleep… This is what people are siding with?
Who cares if they don’t want to eat.. More food for everyone else that’s all.. There’s an old Yiddish expression  “Thrasha the Voncent In other word Don’t threaten us threaten the bedbugs.. At  the end of day We Would venture to say that  is proberly is not one Jew or Isreali who cares one a way or another if  these Terrorists  won’t eat.


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                  INTERNATIONAL HEROLD

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