Insurance Industry Must Be Banned From Lobbying Lawmakers




    Write or phone your State representative and Congressman& Tell Them to pass legislation to banning any and all lobbying on behalf of the Insurance industry. What they are doing is having laws changed to solely benefit them run rough shod over the Policy Holder.. They give us less and less for our coverage. It’s hand tailored for then and no one else.
I’ll give you example.
I was driving my car it was rush hour I was stopped at a red light  there were several cars on front of me.. Low and behold a Truck behind me barrels into the rear end of my car.. I did not stop short and was in no way responsibly … It was no way my fault My Insurance Carrier completely recouped any loss  from the other driver and yet I’m being charged for the accident.. Yes they lobbied my state legislators to alter the law to suit themselves. Nothing really is  wrong with Obama care it’s the Insurance Companies that must be reined in. This goes on in each and every Insurance category from Auto to Homeowners to life Insurance.. What most people don’t know or realize that Politicians and High Echelons Government  Employees Become Lobbyist when They leave politics  because they have “An In” Within Government Circles. We at the Lerman Report will lead the Charge to have  the Insurance Industry permanently banned from lobbing both on the Federal, State and Municipality level since they are principle players not only in our health care coverage but  other genres that are mandatory insurance coverage such as Auto and homeowners. Everybody who ever had to buy any form of  Insurance knows all too well that any coverage is not only way overpriced and its gauging the  consumer big time , We are  focusing on The Insurance Industry as our first stop to help  put  them in their place.
How does anyone ever expect to be self sufficient and hold a full time Job if The Insurance Industry makes it virtually impossible to Both pay rent and Eat and have money to shell out for Auto Insurance Insurance.No one can ever gett off the Dole and be a member of the working class at an entry level job all because of the insurance industry.
Today’s  Auto insurance company’s a charging a hefty $10,000 a year For 3’Years as an assigned risk.
Between Big Pharma, The Insurance Companies and the Health Care are providers themselves it has be impossible to not get raked over-the-counter. A permanent ban from any lobbing on their behalf must be enacted and any legislation benefiting them going back 10 years must be repealed/ Below Read it And Weep…
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