Press Fanning The Flames of Middle on Middle East Travel Ban Protest.


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         The press is Fueling the fire with their lopsided coverage on the protesting  associated  with the Middle East Travel Ban Restrictions .It almost appears as if they are siding with those protesters and of those restricted from entering our  country. We have witnessed story after story   focusing on how those restricted are facing un do hardships..showing sob stories such as a mother or wife here in America crying that their husband can’t enter the U.S.for one reason or another while totally ignoring the reason for this travel  ban . The press continues taping   for the evening news showing only the grieving upset family members and  not  once showing any one who aggres with this ban.
Let us say this that  a non citizen doesn’t enjoy the same rights that our Constitution righs accorded  to those who are citizens .The non citizen  have no constitutional right to enter our nation .We  see prominent politicians pandering for future votes while totally ignoring their constitutes acceptance  this ban.
What the press should be doing is puting a lid on this  coverage by giving it the blackout treatment … maybe some Federal Judge can put a gag order banning further T.V. coverage  as all its succeeding to do is further  steam up The Rabal  Rosers and Professional  Trouble Makers.  We already seen the Palestinian flag and the  Mexican flag prominent being waved at each & every rally. These  rallys and their  protesters are not spontaneous but well organized by those who hate our  American way of life.. Bottom line let the  State Department should  include Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf  states  on this ban as well .We have one departing  footnote to this post….There are 22 Arab nations comprising an area the size of the continental U.S . why don’t  their brother Arabs take them in ? Why is in encomvant plus any obligation on the shoulder any responsibility for  these refuges ?
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Protest Erupts at JFK Airport



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