Disgraceful Actors Use SAG Award Ceremony For Political Protest

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        Shameful and Discracful that some actors spoiled the SAG award ceremony last  night and turned it into a political rally against Trump and his travel restriction ban. Viewers turn on the T.V.to have a bit of enjoyment and take a break  and and get some dovetdion.from all the crap that they see every night unfold on the News
Thou we believe in free speech this was not the proper venue  to vent their political views..They should have took a cab to JFK Airport and  stand out side with all the professional  protesters ,the agitators ,and the Rabell Rosers.Maybe if they were lucky someone would let them wave the Palestinian or Mexican flag. Every fringe group who hates America were well represented at the JFK.
When I was in buisness I  was tought one important thing..”Never to discuss Politics or Relgion with your custumers “We guess the  shows program Directors & Producers gave them the green light say whatever they wanted.I  have concluded that because there  is a 3 second delay on the shows transmission and they could have been  shut down and gave them the blackout  tratment at any time..they choose not to do that .
We at The Lerman Report.Com sincerely  hope that those celebrities that turned it into a  protest  stay up at night worrying if they will now face the long arm of the IRS  auditing Deptarment.

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SAG Awards 2017 gets politicalLight Orchid
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