Nassau County OTB…Shut Them Down

Image result for cash cow pictures

     Lets shut down and eliminate each & every OTB beating parlor County wide . Why you ask ? Because its nothing but a cash cow politicaly conected people thats why.While the lines place bets are from here to next week and their doing a Land Office Buisness the does the County really  benifit from OTB ?..A while back Town of Hempstead Supervisor Mondello left that position and moved on to OTB president..The next Town of Hempstead Presiding Supervisor  Peterson did the same .  Another Pension perhaps?  A bigger salary ? . .Its got to come under some sort of independent review and shut down permanently… Plus they are consitanly looking to open up OTB casino  style betting facilaties which the homeowners are always against..and guess what ? they dont care..
Nassau G.O.P. Party Chief To Be Head of County OTBLight Orchid
In Nassau, County Officials Play Musical Chairs to a G.O.P. TuneLight Orchid
EDITORIAL: A questionable bet on Nassau OTB Light Orchid |


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