Madeline Albright Big Phoney

Madeleine Albright – Wikipedia
 Madeline Albright is a first class phoney . She wants to register as a Muslim insolidarity with Muslims over Donald Trumps executive order on restrictive Travel. She should first register as a Jew..She and her family fled Nazi controlled Czechslavkia .. thou her family converted she feined ignorance of her Jewish background untill the press revealed it publicly when she was Secretary of State .She never once showed an once of pride for her true heritage all entire life… but for some bizzare esroteric reasoning in her mind shes now making this stupid jesture.  Let Madeline Albright her ask yourself this question..if the situation was reversed would any Muslims do the same jesture towards Jews?
NOW READ THISRelated image

Madeleine Albright ‘ready to register as Muslim’ over refugee 



Madeleine Albright: I will ‘register as Muslim



Madeleine Albright Biography (U.S. Secretary of State)


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