Hey Mainstream Press..What Ever Happened To The Honeymoon Period For Trump ?



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  President Trump  Singing  Below To The Press

When  A New Incoming  President First Takes Office, He Is Often Given What Is Called A  “Honeymoon” Period For A Few Months
The public As Well As The Media And members of Congress Tend To Give The President The Benefit Of The Doubt And Treat Him Well
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Whether  You Supported Trump  Or Voted For Trump  There Has Aways Been A Press Tradition To Exstend ! honeymoon Period For The first 100 Days For A New Incoming President….Though Trump  Is Not Getting Any Honeymoon  He Still Geting What Everyone Else Gets When They Go On Their Honeymoon..A F—-ing.
Most of the Democratic party Leadership skipped the inauguration …unpresidented  .. The Lerman Report  are not supporting  or  giving him Carte Blanch on his policies and actions & make no mistake about it… we will continue to either Praise or Knock him & hold his feet to the fire on issues if the situation  warrants it..

What is the Honeymoon period for presidents? 


No honeymo. on period for President-elect Donald Trump

No honeymoon period for the next US President.


Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor

               The Lerman Report Staff 

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