Excuse Me ..Would you like a Bag with Your Purchase?

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    How many times have you went to a retail store and purchased only one item and the cashier says to you..”Do you want a bag with your purchase”?  This has become a common occurrence to Mr & Mrs  shopper .    Listen make no mistake about this policy the workers are instructed  to do this by their bosses.   I think this is a deplorable policy..Do they expect someone to exit the store perhaps located in a strip mall without a bag & walk into another shop?    How about if you buy a very personal item such as a box of Sanitary Napkins, Adult Diapers or Condoms and exit the store holding it in clear site that every shmuck and his brother can see it…they don’t care one ioda.
    I was in retail business in the 1970’s and  I never let the customer bag their own groceries . In those days the Supermarkets trained the public to do it themselves how do like the way  the fast food chains trained the public to bus their own  tables…or pumping your own Gas. Like I said I never had  any of my customers leave without their purchases bagged . Remember when the  stores used paper  bags it was very costly for them..it was practically the same cost as the store rent.Today plastic bags are  very inexpensive . .Please do not make a fool out your customers  by letting them exit your store caring an unbagged item like  a putz.


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