What Ever happened To Thousand Island Salad Dressing?

Kraft Salad Dressing: Dressing Sweet Honey Catalina, 16 ozImage result for pictures of antipasto platters

   What Ever happened To Thousand Island Salad Dressing and other Great tasting ones such as French and Catalina ? They have been replaced by mediocre Flavor dressings such as balsamic Vinegar, Honey  Mustard and Ranch.   I don’t think that the public really wants it that way but that’s the stuff all the restaurants are pushing and serving.   I recently ordered a nice chefs salad and the dressing that the gave me was Dejonaise’
     Even when I go to an Italian restaurant & order an Antipasto Salad..its not the same that made them famous..Once I ordered an Anti Pasto Salad & when it was served to my table it had no lettuce..just meats. I remember when you ordered an Antipasto salad it  contained on a bed of Lettuce..Beets ,Hard Boiled Egg, Marinated artichoke ,large Green Olive ,Large Black Olive . Slice of Roasted  Red Pepper, slice of onion,some eggplant appetizer(caponata) Anchovies,Celery Stalk.Capicola  & Prosciutto Ham Genoa Salami & Provolone…it was truly a feast.
Today they give you practically nothing.. chopped up beats a smudging of salami   its a shame. Mostly 99% of the above mentioned stuff are missing …it’s not what made it famous. Even Panera  Bread is pushing a clean menu ..yes a clean menu of flavorless dressings ..I yearn for the way it used to be..this is progress ?  It’s the dumbing down of American Taste

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