Non Entry Into U.S. From Certain Middle East Countries Creating Major Tie Ups at U.S.Ports of Entry…

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   The tie ups and fiasco at the U.S. Airports  could have been avoided had the incoming travelers  from those for mentioned  Countries heeded our State Departments admonition concerning  the new  enrty restrictions. We’re pretty sure that they had to be aware of this restriction  well before they booked their flight.. and we would bet our bottom dollar that the airline back in their country of departure made  this known to them  .We’re surprised that the airlines let them board the plane in the first place..Probably let them board  if they didn’t then the passengers would most  likely  cash in their tickets and the  airline  would make zero  profit.
This massive tie up could have been easily  avoided and eliminated by simply having our  State Department instructed the FCC and let them take  care it  by telling the  airline carrier that brings these passengers into our port of entry that they risk loosing all landing privileges into the U.S. if they refuse to abide by our rules.
Maybe someone can enlighten us….what if a former Iraqi National a Muslim that has settled in some E.U.Nation and is now traveling to the U.S.with a legitimate French Passport are they detained ,sent back  or vetted  ? Did the State Department ever take in consideration that  somehow this rule  can be circumvented?
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