International Law Is Just A Stacked Deck Against Israel.


   International Law Is Just A Stacked Deck Against Israel.It no longer has any validity..value or and any merit whatsoever.When we see organizations such as Amnesty International push for boycott of Israeli goods from the West ban and parrots The Palestinian line word for word ..Then we have 2 words for them and it’s not Happy Birthday.

These rogue band of Jew Haters now sit on all the world organizations and the only see and cite those nations that fall into their lopped sided agenda.They have a track record of ignoring atrocities  like Syrian gassing its adversaries to Human rights abuses from Iran to every port world-wide focusing their rath on Israel.

Close-up Of Two Businesspeople Shaking Hand And Taking Bribe Under Wooden Table On Grey Background

Theses people are the best that money can buy? What do you think? When we see nations that never had any Jewish people living  in their country past or present & they are voting against her with a vengeance we scratch heads  in puzzlement their actions makes Jews say things that make you say hmm…These International rogues gallery fool no one.We all know where their sentiments are coming from..the all mighty $$$buck$$$ .
Breaking in to a Jews house and hacking them up in plain sight  of their children as they where about to sit down for Sabbath dinner..does not phase them one bit..suicide bombers in the market place killing & maiming plenty is also not of any importance to them well targeting kindergartens children.
So until we see truth and balance from any and all of these International band of rogues we can not value anything that they say.

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