Telemarketer Calls Has Reached A Crescendo..They Must Stop & The Technology Is At Hand

 Your relaxing at home & the phone rings..when you pick up the phone…no ones there…It is a machine set up see if a live person picks up.
When someone does answer they commences to  give you the hard sell.
They get your name  from sucker list from having bought a particular item or from cookies that pick up and selectively gear the for sale item to your commuter viewing.The correct thing that we call do when making a phone call is we identify ourselves to whom we calling”This is Moses Lerman can I speak to  Joe Smith They don’t do can expect something like this”Mr.Lerman”? Who is this I reply back?.Mr.Moses Lerman?..who is this I say once more.Mr Lerman.They may say that they are your chimney cleaner….At that point I hang up.


Can it be put to an end? Yes it can the technology is at hand..many years was virtually impossible to find out who’s calling.The technology was available but the phone company never fitted their systems with the stuff that would do he job.When they call and you pick up I urge everyone never confirm your name …talk in a foreign accent…be blunt and get your line quickly..never ever  engage them in conversation or even acknowledge  your true name or address.If they feel that you Mr Joe Smith is no longer is connected with your number than your number no longer has a value to them


We need  new legislation and a support team from our providers right now
This my friends in the trade is known as Planned Obolesesance..A company will only give the public new   technological feature when they are forced to.It will be out in given in dribs and drabs & only when they want to have the jump on their competitor..
If you don’t answer these phone calls ..they will call and call until you do.When you do no ones there..
So if they want they can stop it..why don’t don’t they stop it now? Money they are making money from these calls that’s why .Call or phone your municipality …State and Congressional representatives to have new laws enacted to stop this insanity once & for all.

lerman (1).


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