U.S. May Stop All Foriegn Aid To Countries That Voted Against American Interests



Any nation that either voted for the UN. resolution to Rescind Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or even refrained abstained from voting (same thing) Uncle Sam Should cut them off cold of any and all U.S.aid .We at the at The Lerman Report Editorial Board will even further..no more imports of their goods from any of their nations  into U.S.Ports and no American should be allowed to travel their country (they could kiss their income from tourism goodbye). We excepted this from nations such as Iran or Turkey..but from India?..That was beyond shocking..After all the good will that Israel did for India and then they abstain and don’t support Israel is shameful .Israel rolled out the red carpet for India’s Narendra Modi Modwinds ..and  how does he Express his gratitude. he winds up giving Israel a “Putz In Tuchus.
For those nations that Israel sends relief aid  complete with  medical teams when Disaster Strikes along with all the technologically medical breakthroughs that Israel gives to the World  in the end doesn’t mean squat.
Where has the moral compass gone from all these nations? They choose to side  with and champion Terrorists over their  Victims.TheU.N. has become a sham a worthless piece of garbage where it has become open season and sport to crap on Israel by Jew hating  “Diplomats”who have a unheathy  obsession with Israel…They do nothing but bash her and waste our Earths oxygen supply.
Turkeys Erodgan said as a retort to Trumps  threat to stop aid that foreign policy can’t be bought..Does any one think for one second that these nations leaders voting against the U.S.and Israel did not have their palms shmearded? Hey Erdogan  please don’t preach right and wrong to The U.S. and Israel.Untill the day comes when Turkey restores Istambul to Constantinople we”d aprreciate  if you would just bud out.
When we witness Nations that never had any Jewish population ever in their nation spew such Anti Jewish Hatred We are sure that some cash is being passed  under the table somewhere at some point to someone..and that someone adds up to plenty…yes plenty of Nations leaders and diplomates.You better believe it..Those who took money to cast these votes at the U.N. have literally sold their soul to the Devil.
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