Chasdium Must Serve In The IDF Or Leave Israel No More Privileged Characters

The Ultra Orthodox Must Serve in the IDF or  Leave Israel …its as plain as that. Why should they get special privileges and protected status? It’s high time they  put on a khaki suit and do some military service instead of making others put their life and limb on the line.
Most of them have dual citizenship…during the National Israeli Elections they leave the confines of Borough Park and make trip to Israel to cast their vote.Their intention is to tip the Election where their “United Torah Judaism Party “will be sorely needed in order to form a Coalition Government.
Then they bend the major Political Party Leaders over their desks in order to extract every thing on their wish list..One these wishes are to keep their draft except status continuing.Their other demands range from shutting down everything on Sabbath and to becoming the”Boss concerning who can and can not pray at the” Kotel” (Western Wall)

The Israeli army needs to draft ultra-Orthodox Jews – for society’s sake ../
Israel Must Switch From Chief Rabbinate’s Office ..


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