Like Him Or Loath Him…Trump Is No Manuchurian Candidate



  Let us start right off and say that to imply that Donald  Trump is  some sort Manchurian is grasping at straws by his detractors in order to defame him.  Every Nominee seeking The Oval Office both the Democratic and Republican picks are given an audiences with Every Major World Leader.   Those seeking the Highest Office of  the Land will meet with the G8 and Israel as well as all of our Allies including our Adversaries which will include The Russian Leadership.In other words all the Worlds leaders the Movers and  Shakers of the International Nations will  greet every U.S.Politician running to be President.Period.
  For all those who wish to make Trump out to be a some sort of “Manchurian Candidate” it is Beyond the Pale of Decency and Utterly Outrageous.There is no Conspiracy or Cabal with Russia or Putin..The Democratic Party should apply to be the Poster Boy  for Sour Grapes.They can’t get over the fact that they lost the election..Get over it.Let everyone see it for what it really is a “Witch Hunt”and nothing more.Trump is not a puppet and no one pulls his strings.He is now and has always been his own man. We now know that it was all manufactured by the Democrats and Hillary was part and parcel to this smear campaign.


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