Iran and Palestinian Propaganda Machine’s Continue Pumping Out Anti-Jewish Message Joseph Goebbels Style

Iran’s and Palestinian Propaganda Machines are busy  Pumping Out Anti-Jewish Messages. While the Islamic World decries disparaging and denigrating  remarks concerning their  own Religion even if it was misinterpreted or unintentional whatsoever. They waste no time  whatsoever in putting down other religions. Sad to say that Nazi’s propagandist  Joseph Goebbels once said a lie enough becomes believed.
Israel And Major Jewish organizations Better Step Up With  Measures To Counter These Lies  Before They Become Believed  And Considered  Fact

Sad to say that this is  accomplished in the worse possible way /Anti Zionist movies and  clips have appeared  all over as if we were in the 1930’s Nazis era Anti Jewish films using the term Zionist as if it was some sort of curse word  and in a pejorative  manner. These films are shown in schools and all over Arab & Islamic world and now has reared its ugly head in the American News rooms masquerading under the veil of Palestinian rights
How can any nation negotiate peace when this filth is being disseminated whenever anyone  turns on their T.V..Sets?

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