Are The Hollywood Film Studio’s And Music Industry Having Their Stars Speak Out On Hot Button Political Issues?

      I was going in retail buisness..I met a payroll.One of the first things that my mentors taught me when teaching me the trade was  that you never discuss Politics or religion with your customers..and by never we mean never.You might say if We may borrow a spoken term.It is the”Cardinal Rule” of every buisness.If your going to break that rule ..then be prepared to loose customers

We.  noticed that most of these so called alleged “Hacks” were Retired Actors & Recording Stars..Robert De Niro,Barbra Streisand, Rob Reiner,Richard Gere…Hmmm!

Get The Picture…

When We witness these Hollywood Actors and  Recording Stars at Award shows either Knocking the President or backing Radical Groups with Terrorist ties. If  We Were their studio Bosses..they would be shown the exit door….Though this is a free country and anyone can voice their own opinion .However in this  case we have to believe that in my heart of hearts that not only do they have the studios blessing and go ahead but perhaps they are told to say by the Studio Heads.


When we see Richard Gere come out and support Terrorists in Gaza & The West Bank manipulating the story line  attempting to put a pleasant face on  butchers We scratch our heads in  utter disbelief ..We would have bet our bottom dollar that after that he would be was done in Hollywood. To our shock and dismay we find his films are being saturated day and night on T.V. being shown on every Cable Station from Coast to Coast. Same with Mel Gibson and Elton John.


Are they doing this on their own.? We don”t buy it  not for one second. What is of major concerns to us is when hear Obama say to Angel Merkel when she had reservation about letting in all those refugees into Germany..”Your on the Right side of History”. Is Hollywood working with the left?  Are  all theses these Politically Vocal Stars being  paraded around really just renegade Actors speaking their own minds?  Are these Activist Actors & Rock Stars are in reality actually just Pol Parroting their Studios wishes? Are they merely feigning independent thought but in actuality are just a studio Hack and Stooge?..YOU BE THE JUDGE…
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