The Arabs Won’t Destroy Israel..Israel Will Eventually Implode Itself


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          Let no one make any mistake about it Israel has a top notch Military Machine.”The Qualitative as Edge”as they say.The next war if and when it happens & it’s only a matter of time Israel will face a plethura of fronts..They will  be attacked  from Gaza..WestBank..Jordan..Lebanon Syria..and expect  some sort of air support perhaps from Turkey and Missles from Iran. However Israel will prevail ..this time.
There is fact of life that is not really being played out in the press.First the Chasidic Jews residing in israel refuses Army service..A lot Israeli youth from all points of their Population spectrum are refusing  to serve as well siting  “Conscientious Objector  Status. Main line Israel’s as of late have little or no respect for American Jews.They make their feelings known.They view those Jews in America nothing but  Arm Chair Quarterbacks who don’t put on a uniform and serve in the IDF and should keep thier mouths shut.What they fail to grasp is the massive aid package that Israel recieves from the U.S. it due for the most part for  the fact that American Jews are voting for pro Israel canidates.Thirdly the two Chief Rabbi’s are crapping on other Streams of  American and World Jewry.All other streams of judaism are being barred from the Kotel(Western Wall).A good deal of those barred are American Jewish Tourists.
Intermariage has taken a big toll among American Jews.Many liberal and secular Jews have no interest in Israel.As bizzare as it may seem they sooner lend support for incoming Syrian Immigrans than their own Ethnic Group.I have to say as of right now if it wern’t for Evangelical Christian Support here in the States Israel would be in deep trouble finding friends in the Halls of The U.S. Congress. Wake up Israel the writing is on the wall ..Don’t disrespect whatever American Jews  that are still in your corner lending verbal and finnacial support to Israel..

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