Beware of The Phantom Doctor Bill$

      Listen folks beware of the phantom Doctor bill.. It happens each and every time any patient stop seeing a particular Doctor. What most office staff billing managers  do is  (and most of the Doctors do it)  is they mail out a bill to you  for services months back they claim I that you failed to pay.. . You can check your bank statements and you’ll find it was not paid..The reason that it will never appear on any  of  your debit and credit cards and that the money was  not remitted to the Doctor’s office is because you were never there on that day. What are we to do?   Most of not all Doctors offices and clinics either buzz you in upon payment or buzz you out after you payed for your visit.. We all know it a bogus bill sent to us. However how  can anyone prove that they never received service on that day in question? If you refuse to pay they will refer it to a recovery firm (collection agency), and if you fail to pay they will ruin your credit.What a few slick Doctors office pulls is they know that you paid the bill let’s say for augment sake November 20th of this year .. Several months later they will send you a fresh bill. For a specific amount of money.You’l say to the Cashier that’s you paid that dates bill.They continue to  say no it wasn’t paid by you.Yes it was never paid only because it contains same visit but now has newly added procedures that were never actually not  different but merely renamed to appear as new functional  preformed on the day of your last visit


  This is a common practice employed by nearly all doctors offices and clinics.. It is tantamount to Hi Way Robbery.. All I can say is document your visit some how.. mark it on a calendar and and take a picture of it with your cell phone.. Have someone always accompany you to the Doctor’s office as a means to  cooperate your visits.. demand to see your chart for that claimed visit (thou that can falsified and rewritten to bolster their claim) .. Better yet tell the Doctors office that you were out of state on that day.. Scare them by saying you can document it with your airline ticket and tell them in the strongest language that if they put it through your insurance company not only is it falsifying a state record but fraud a class “D”  felony…that will put the fear of God on them… What’s the matter the Doctors today don’t make enough money they have resort to this?

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