The Mystique of Certain Eateries..

          There are certain eateries that due to massive bombardment of commercials they enjoy an aura of Mystique not deserved not by a long shot.. We believe the overall quality of the stuff that they sell is nothing to write home about and yet the public is basically breaking down the doors to give them their business…For this post  we will only name 3 places today in order to speed the read..
 In our opinion 711 their cooked  food is no better than dollar store fare, and their other products that they carry is way over priced, yet you have to wait for a parking space.. McDonald’s “The king of Advertising” They raise and process their own meat but their food remains substandard as far as we’re concerned. Olive Garden another place you heave to wait not only for a parking spot but a table as well. Dunking Donuts another place.. Their donut once the lynch pin of their operation now seems secondary as their donuts appear smaller & lighter in weight plus not as tasty as years past.. But I’d go to Wall Street & buy their stock in a second . All of these joints do more business than they did ever before.. It’s almost as if the public under went some sort of mass hypnosis. You want to throw your money away?  Instead of spending it at these places .. Take your money over to your toilet and flush its quicker.. It”s easier… bottom line either you’ll never see your  hard earned money again …

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The Better the Commercial the Crappier the Product « The Lerman …

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