Fortune Tellers, Psychics And Mediums Let’s Put The Padlock on Their Shops For Good…

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        Fortune Tellers, Psychics And Mediums for once and for all the law must crack down in these charlatans.. Don’t fall for their  charade it’s as Phoney  as can be its remains nothing but a scam…

 No one can read minds or predict the future.. If anyone could they would have a leg up from winning the lottery, numbers and all the way to the stock market. To circumvent the law they have resorted to calling themselves  “Readers” or ‘Advisors”….. 
It’s a parlor trick as old as the hills.. There are a few things that they imply and I’ll briefly run you through it.First when a fellow  office worker sets up the entire work crew for a private reading after hours.. That person is tipping of the Psychic as who lives in your house. Who just died, who just given birth etc. etc.  Then when the Phycics‎ first sees you  they already know your statistics of your  background..
Second there is the ” Cold Reading”… These so called fortune-tellers look at every expression, your composure, they focus on every crease in your face.. Its only logical that someone in their late 30’s or early 40’s most probably had a grandparent who just passed on.. They will make a statement such as I see large dog or I someone in coveralls .. and wait to see how you respond. If you say I have no dog or do not know any one should wears coveralls they will always have a retort ready to respond to you & then back out of that statement.
  • Third… Hypnotism for instance  let’s say  that your at coffeehouse, now your not really eavesdropping on the couple at the next table, however  it is a public place and you help  over hearing their conversation . They have just  softened you up and primed you to be put in deep hypnosis. They have their cell phone ring.. When they see you respond to the ring then they know you’ve been listening.. it is at that point all they have to do is walk by you and touch a pressure point in your neck or shake your hand.. And boom you’re out like a light ..
  • Then they can fire away & in rapid succession ask you scores of questions. In just one short minute they can extract a cornucopia of  your personal data including such valuable information such as your Social Security number ,your Drivers licence Identification and Number and your bank ATM PIN number. So make sure that your not alone with any Psychic not  even for a second.   Then you’ll say” Wow she knew about certain details in my life that only I knew”!  Years ago they would say something like there is a curse on you and I need I need 3,000 to brake the spell.
  • Today none of that’s no longer necessary like I mentioned before because they can pick your brains  and get all for all of your private information and  run to your bank and turn  you into an instant pauper.
  • Lastly and finally we all see these ‘Psychics’ on TV commercials, the people that you see praising the so called Psychics ability to for tell both your future and be all knowing about your past  incidents .. They are payed actors who are compensated for their endorsement nothing more..
  • So steer clear.. If you still believe their line of bull then I have a  Bridge too sell you in Brooklyn…and if you think I’m joking in the words of Jack Parr “I kid you not”!

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