When Big Food Manufacturers Take Over and Produce Old Beloved Products



  I’m a pretty decent cook, but sometimes like everyone else I’m looking for a short cut and I consider a good canned product to be just what I need. Once a big manufacturer purchases another company’s product.. The magic from that food product disapears for good.. I  was a big fan of  B & M Baked Beans about 20 odd years back.. When I noticed it  didnt taste the same as before.. I read the ingredient label and instead of saying  brown sugar it listed cane sugar and molasses. (the 2 ingredients for making brown sugar)  It also no longer had the small peice of salt pork placed inside each jar or can. I phoned the contact number on the can was informed that the company was sold to another outfit. Same with Rolling Rock beer.. I first drank Rolling Rock when I was in the service, it came in small 6 or 8oz.bottles this was (Circa 1969) It was unique amoung the tastes of other American beers on the market.   AnheuserBush of Budweiser fame took it over.. Not Same anymore.. Hence I will never buy anymore. Sometimes a big  national outfit buys a smaller local  canned product just to scrap it and aquire it supermarket shelf space .There is a plethora of canned products that I could name but for the purpose of keeping this post moving I’ll just mention a few inorder for the readers to get the jist of my thought on this matter.  What can we except today when the todays consumers   by in large  loves McDonald’s  Domino’s Pizza and Olive Garden.. Heaven help us!Related image
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