The Foolishness of Buying and Wearing Clothing With your Favorite Products Name on it.

How many of us buy Tee Shirt or Caps with your favorite Soda Companies or Cigarettes name on it. While I don’t mind wearing a shirt or Jersey with a professional Athletes name  or Teams name on it to sort of root then on on their sport event… I simply refuse to buy lets  say for example a ” Coca-Cola or Marlboro Tee-shirt to brag that I use their product.
I see people sporting soft drink makers Tee-shirt ‘s” along with other license clothing gear all the  time. They should pay us to give them free advertising and we have buy the shirt to boot. People that wear these labeled clothing are proud to wear them.. They wear them like a badge of honor  as if it was  something of the nature of The  Congressional Medal of Honor.. Guess what.. Its not.


The Lerman Report Staff

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