The Problem With Health Insurance is The Insurance Companies, Big Pharma Plus All The Health Providers Greed.

The  Health Care Paying Receipiant      


Neither changing Obama care with a revamped Trump Care is going to fix the Nations health care problem..
  The Problem lies squarely with both the Insurance companies and Big Pharmaceutical concerns plus and health care providers Greed.  First off the insurance industry must be reined in as they are out of  control and that goes for the Pharmaceutical companies as well they are more powerful than the oil cartel. For much to long these two entities have been the problem not the solution.Both the Insurance industry and Big Pharma are consistently lobbying Washington as well as every State legislator to pass laws so they can basically can run amuck with everything on their wish list giving them Carte blanch to rake the American people over the hot  coals.
The Hospitals and Doctors(our health care providers) are no different.. The first thing that they ask you when you arrive at the Emergency Room at any hospital is for your insurance card and you can be bleeding out ..Our health is not even secondary….  it’s meaningless, the ER and every other place we’re we all go for medical care We are just a vehicle a means for them to make a living and nothing more… The days of the caring  “Marcus Wellby” type Doctors  are long gone & the frantic hospital staff pushing &  racing with a crash cart in the ER is only fiction that you see on T.V.  Do not delude yourself that anyone working there  cares for anything other than their pay check.. Compassion for human suffering? .. Well we’ll have to leave that to our family members and friends because you ain’t gonna get that at any health treatment facility your no different than a piece of meat at the butcher shop.
         A $100 for an aspirin is just the classic example of their  callus Greed as it continues to go on unabated and  unchecked.
When you complain to a State agency, No one really cares, no worker in the “Complaint Department” wants a bigger work load.. and the Doctor’s, Hospital’s and Insurance Industry knows that all too well.. and are laughing all the way to the bank. Untill Congress looks at the real culprit of this health care  fiasco..Nothing going to change


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