Home Heating Oil An Obsolete Way to Heat A House



     The government should step in and find out why the cost of home  heating oil is on the rise.Home heating Oil is the same  as Diesel Fuel.They put a red dye in the Home Heating Oil  in order to render it unusable in your car. My home costs $550 every month and a half to heat my house and  I keep the thermostat at 56 degrees no less.If you jack up the thermostat to 70 degrees it will run $40 a day …simply out of the question. To convert to gas heat runs around $10,000  people got to decide whether to heat their house or buy food .. how sad.
      There should me a major investigation as to why home heating oil is not at least the same price of regula gas or   even that of diesel fule at the Gas Stations pumps./end

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