General Appearance or Jewish Look In America Is Changing

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The General Appearance Or ”Jewish Look ” concerning Jews in America Is Changing .Let’s say from Jews Born lets say in the 1920’s vs.Jews born in The 1940″s 1950’s and beyond, Pre  World War I Jews hailing from Russia when they came to this country only bothered with other Jews from the country of their origin, For example Russian Jews did not generally associate with Polish Jews or Hungarian etc  etc and so forth. However this wasn’t the case with their children, in this country 2nd generation Jews had no compunction of associating and marrying Jews of a different country of origin than their parents,
    Russian Jews have different stock than Polish Jews  ,the overall look is not the same . When I was in Florida at  a senior condo area (mostly Jews ) I noticed a distinct look of Jews different from today’s Jews , What I was looking at was Russian Jews, Polish Jews  and such that the  blood line was not broken . Today with a mixture of Russian jews that married Polish Jew in Lets say The 1940’s and 1950’s the new generation looks nothing like their parents visa vie “A Jewish look” Not to mention Intermarriage offspring that identify  themselves  as Jews, Look for  yourself …  Jews in America  today just look at your grand parents & great grand parents photos when they were your age bracket and compare them to yourself and you’ll agree with me..


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