Egyptian General Curbs Riots in Cairo Meanwhile The Sinia Ramains A Hot Bed For Hamas

egypt general sisi
  Walk Like An Egyptian (lyrics)Light Orchid

          Egyptian  Gen. El-Sisi while focusing on keeping riots at bay in Cario has left the Sinai go virtualy unchecked as Hamas Builds up weapons of distruction poised at Isreal. As the  world of Anti Semites screams at Isreal Building settlements in East Jerusalem  not one word is utered about Hamas build up of a cache of missiles in the Sinia which can and most likely have  a capablity of reaching Isreal proper. Isreal knows what to do and its only a matter of time before  this is recatified, the mainsream press has not put this on the front burner and only seems to focas’ on Housing being proposed in jerusalem,how one sided lopsided reporting this is… read on below

Hamas is now manufacturing their own advanced rockets, the Sinai Light Orchid
Egypt Must Do More to Secure Sinai – Light Orchid c-
Egypt’s Military Buildup in Sinai Violates Its Peace Treaty with Israel Light Orchid

Gustoff Zhychick Says;

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