Never Buy Fruit Cut Up At Your Supermarket

Annette Funicello – Pineapple Princess
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 Never Buy Fruit Cut Up AT Your Supermarket. The only time a grocer cuts up fruit such as watermelon or Pineapple and melons  is when they are getting old and to soft or to moldy to sell.
Secondly I have  seen them cutting it up at plenty of markets. Not  once did I witness any worker who was doing the cutting wear gloves .Recently a market in N.Y. C. was sited for Hepatitis A and anyone who ate the cut up fruit had to get a vaccination shot.. How sad for the costumer.
NYC Offering Free Hepatitis A Vaccinations After UWS Health Scare 
While we are on this subject let me mention shrimp. First of all all shrimp comes in frozen.It is then shelved with ice on the showcase and put back in the deep freeze at night second when the shrimp starts to smell they are then boiled and   when that shrimp ( the boiled ones) starts to smell they put on a barbecue sauce on it and call it “Cajon”Shrimp and let me tell you you could get plenty sick.  All can say is that Buyer   /end
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