Bring Back Trans Fats

 At one time food had great taste from pastry items to sauces to gravy’s and such. Where did the taste go You might ask  ? answer… To the way side when they took out the trans fats , Donut shop doughnuts taste like crap ,sauces in restaurants are bland. all the trans fats have been removed and in its place only God knows what chemicals are present in food now. All the major manufacturers sell the trans fats s to their overseas markets while food state side remains bland .
 They say it no good for us … well listen up Nobody lives forever we all got to die sometimes and we got to die from something When you used to get popcorn in a movie theater it was drenched with coconut and palm  oil that where all the taste came fom .People used to cook in Bacon Grease. Lard ..Smaltz (chicken fat rendered with onion) Coconut Oil and food taste great Dad to say that today bland is in ..tasteless is in today. When we go to a restaurant and get a big mound of tasteless food sad
 Bring back trans fats  now!

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