When Your On A Diet , It Costs More To Eat Less… And Thats a Fact

          I  made a bet with my nephew who could loss the most weight in 3 months, he requested that I start at 250 as I was 255lbs  he weighed 199lbs, its who loses the most percentage of weight in 3 months , the bet is $4oo , winner take alll. However there is a stipulation if you don’t keep it off for another month you got to return the cash.I’m in it for the long haul ,
I project I’ll be 200 by Nov, 1st and 170lbs by Nw years day .. I’m Motivated for  bith cosmetic and health reasons , In the ast year it was  discovere d that i had an and under active Throid , I take Synthroid to correct it
 To diet I’m eating about 6 small tubs of yogart and frozen vegetables , it costing me a small forntune aboyt $10 a day  you would thing tat whe  your eating less ir would cost less, not so its like cooking for obe is more costly than cooking for a family, Getting back to my goal , Will I be succesful ? I’m betting yes ! only time will tell /end

 Don Lerman & His Nephew Ryan 7/26/13 at Start of Contest

unckle and ryan

5 comments on “When Your On A Diet , It Costs More To Eat Less… And Thats a Fact

  1. Jodi says:

    Very good u look great keep up the good work


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    I appreciate your wordpress design, exactly where do you download it through?


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    You really know the stuff… Maintain the good function!


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