The Nature Of Neighbors In THe Suburbs

  I Love Lucy Theme Song–  
     RIGHT CLICK BELOW                                                        
My family moved to the suburbs in the late 1960’s My parents bought a resale house.Everyone else in the neighborhood were oringinal owners.We were practically shunned and ignored at the best. I grew up in Queens and Broklyn the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our Neighbors in Brooklyn & Queens  were like the Murzt’s on I love Lucy  Show or The Norton’s and Ralph Kramdon on the Honeymooners. People were close in those days. You didn’t lock your doors in those pictures are days.A key was to  used strictky to start a car period! We always had a neighbor in our small apartment or we were in their apartment,  people just knocked and walked right into your home.
      I was in for a shock upon moving to the suburbs in 1968, the neighbors viewed us Brooklyn folk as  sort of ”Beverly Hillbillies” not good enough to even stop and say good morning to .. The most  conversation we ever had with a neighbor was when getting out of our car…one simple nod and thats it.Sometimes neighbors quickly scurried into their houses when they saw you as they didn’t  even want to nod hello.How pathetic. Mind you we were of the same ethic group as our neighbors but we were resale buyers.and not good enough for them.The Husbands of these original owners although not professionals or college graduates ls however they had good jobs after WW 11 and we’re able to afford a house which enabled their wives to sit home and eat Bon Bons.We were not good enough for them.
Today I have good neighbors on both sides of my houses, also resale owners , thou not great friends  but I would go out of my way for them anytime  anywhere at the drop of  a dime. I guess those old days of Brooklyn & Queens in the 1950 ‘s are over.. I wish they were still here /end
beverly hillbillies

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