Netanyahu Must Politicaly Disassociate Himeslf From The Haredi

In his quest to form a coalition government Netanyahu has included the
The Haredi’s United Torah Judaism party.This is a major mistake.The Chasidum are ripping a part the very fabric of Israeli society.Lukid is willing to give them whatever is needed for their Party to stay in office.
The United Torah Judaism Party will bend the major Political Party Leaders over their desks in order to extract every thing on their wish list..One these wishes are to keep their draft except status continuing.Their other demands range from shutting down everything on Sabbath and to becoming the”Boss concerning who can and can not pray at the” Kotel” (Western Wall) .
As far as draft exempt status & the demands of closing everything down on Sabbath that remains strictly the Israeli electorates business & Problem exclusively. However when American and other Diaspora Jews are being crapped on by not allowing them access at the Kotel to pray……Then that becomes the American and Diaspora Jews bone of contention.
As of today there is a dangerous trend among American Jews are secular who over the years. They are being manipulated as to become ashamed of their background and apologists for anything Jewish in other words
This new changing Israeli law of return is not in the interest of Israel or its Americam cousins who vote pro Israel politicians onto office.
“Self Hating Jews” With the alarming trend in American politics with new anti Israel politicians rearing their ugly heads. Plus the Increased dissatisfaction for President Trump who is Pro Israel plus that of increased Muslim immigration ..soon whatever Jewish voters are around it will not be enough to elect any pro-Israel canidates.Bibi is now alienating the very American Jewish base that votes in those Pro Israeli politicians.
Netanyahu’s major appeal to American Jews is command of the English language and not coming across and sounding like for lack of a better word what Pre WW 11 American Jews once refered to as “A Mocky..Once another Israel politician obtains the Prime Minister office and English is not their first language drives a wedge between & distances itself from who American Jewish voters can relate to as one of their own.
It is important for any Israeli party to distance themselves from the United Torah Judaism Party as they do the same concerning the Arab Israeli Party when forming the next Collison .


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