We Urge All Media Outlets To Refrain Showing Palestinian Arabs Throwing Objects With The Sling

       What they are trying and accomplishing is to make a comparison of a David vs. Goliath ..The little guy battling the big guy..Let us clue everyone in. First of all the sling does absolutely nothing for any accuracy whatsoever…what’s more it also lends nothing what’s ever for more distance if anything it may hinder distance.
 It more likely  is to employed throwing a hot molotov cocktail to hot to handle to be thrown.
They want to invoke sympathy for them and the viewer to conjure up The David vs Goliath story & make that anaolgy..period
Lets clue everyone in a young David in the Bible never looked to breach a border to hack up families while they sat down to eat and  enjoy a   Sabbath Dinner..Any media outlet  who airs or prints this in their new report is guilty of taking sides & editorialized in favor of the Arabs.So we tell everyone not to fall for this photo.op.

This Whell Chair Bound Individual  Is Meant To Be A Tear Jerker & Sad As It Appears He Could Not Achieve Any Distance More Than A  Meter At The Best.This Amputee  Wheelchair Bound  Man is Photo Op at its Best Ths Press Corps Should Be Beside Themselves

TERRORISM SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN A BYE « THE LERMAN REPORT®.Image result for hand pointing picture

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