Bibi Capitulates To Hamas..Avigdor Lieberman Resigns In Disgust

Netanyahu Capitulates to Hamas returns to 2014 Deal.That will allow Qatar transfer $15 million Dollars to Hamas.Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman  resigned his position in utter disgust .What  Lieberman has described as capitulation to terrorism from Netanyahu

Lieberman added that the money transfer will be used as  slay for pay to fund and encourage  more terrorist activity activity.We at the  Lerman Report Editorial Board agree 100% with Lieberman.
Although we are not Israeli citizens we will say this…The Lerman Report enjoys an extremely large following  in Israel and all across the Middle East & our take is always  is always well received.
For all the months of rioting and mayhem Hamas gets rewarded with big bucks.The fiasco at the Gaza-Israeli border should never have continued after the first day.Netanyahu’s inaction and now appeasement  shows that terrorism pays off..At least for Hamas.Israel has to be weak.that they are hesitant to have a war on many fronts that they feel that they can not win.Keep in mind just one loss and no more Israel..
Hezbollah as is now well entrenched on the Golan Also the bill concerning conscription on Chasidim is still on the table and not yet enacted into law which Bibi is apparently for.
     Avigdor Lieberman takes  with him his party Yisrael Beiteinu. Although he would make  a first class Prime Minister….however his party just doesn’t have a chance and it”s bucking from the Lukud coalition will just drive Netanyahu to pick more seats from United Torah Israel

We at the Lerman Report remain saddened by these  turn of events .We will say this loud and clear  we consider Avigdor Lieberman  A Jews Jew and  is worthy of our indorsement and support.When Avigdor Lieberman runs for office he will have our support 100%

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