Micro Wave Oven Helped Change The Family Structure…read on

Micro wave Oven Helped Change The Family Structure…read on…


The  Micro wave Oven Helped Change The Family Structure..I remember first seeing what was an  early microwave oven at the 1964 Worlds fair in New York.I WAS AT THE N.Y.STATE pavilion and purchased a meal. Most food sold at the Worlds Fair was very high and much overpriced 2020 prices in 1964… However not so at then the NY. State Pavillion.After having purchased a 50 cent meal to  eat and brought it over to my table to eat however I noticed it was ice cold.I immediately went  to my manager to complain.The manager explained that you have to put in the micro wave oven..I couldn’t believe my eyes how it heated it up..fast forward 10 years… No one ever seen or heard of such a device in 1964..

   Now in 1974 micro wave ovens are wide-spread across  America. the average one would have cost you at least $500, that’s one of the few things that escaped inflation..today you can buy one for anywhere from $79- $100 for a 1,000 watts. In America in the 1950’s and 1960’s and before all America ate supper or dinner regardless of race,religion, ethic or social economic group at 6 pm..The micro wave oven changed all that,no longer do most family’s eat as a unit but rather everyone takes their food out of the  refrigeration and heats it up in her micro wave .Gone are the traditional family diners  with exemptions of perhaps formal Holiday diners. Is this better or worse?..Whose to say but that’s the way it is today /end


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