Mainstream Press Posting A Pro Palestinian Spin On This Border Breaching Rioting

     It sickens us  that the mainstream press is putting a pro Palestinian spin on this violent rioting.
The level of sympathy for those killed trying to breach Israeli soil by their own words in order to wreck murder & cause mayhem is unbelievable .
Where is was the sympathy for all the Israeli’s and Jews who were victims of their Terror?
Below Is A Clip showing The Palestinians Leadership True Intentions

Europe stood by while six Million Jews perished in Concentration Camps after the was ended nearly everyone of those European Nations shut their door to Jews  & refused  those Holocaust victims to return to their former home & host countries. Now that Jews have returned to their ancestral homeland that too is not acceptable to E.U. nations..Where just then should Jews live then on Mars?

Read the links  & view the picture we provided below and ask yourself are  you comfortable supporting these the people who are rushing to  breach the Israeli border?


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