All Hospitals Should be Required to Have Free Parking Lots For All

 All Hospitals Should be Required to Have Free parking Lots for clinic patients, outpatients,ambulatory patients,in patients and all hospital visitors period ! I had to visit a friend in a major well known a renown hospital which for the purpose of this story I shall omit. To be honest with everyone it makes no difference which hospital  because its standard practice at every Hospital Facility.

So get ready to have your wallet ready.Every Hospital maintains some sort of parking lot & all they  charge $5.00 and hour for the first hour then $7.00 for 2nd hour so on and so forth ..get the picture?..and if just one second over the time that the  parking ticket reads then your charged  for an additional  hour.

   A hospital gets $100.00 for an aspirin alone plus much more for more important drugs plus they get all sorts of government and private grants and contributions.

For them to have the audacity to either sell or lease their parking lot to an outfit such as Kenny or maintain a pay lot by themselves is simply  begond outrageous!

If they get any government funding or grants which they all are in receipt of to some degree then should  be required to supply free parking to the above  mentioned .

By the way last week I spent $50.00 on parking to visit a sick friend, and that’s a shame./end


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