Euroupean Union Stands Firm Against Terror Except When it Occurs In Isreal

Image result for picture of world leaders marching together after terror in france

        The entire E.U. nations aint worth the last crap  We took . When The Terror struck at Jewish Eatery occured  in Paris stemming from the Charlie Hebdo incident the entire  World community of nations gave support for France.You could have picked up any newspaper and read “We are all behind you France” The same goes for that recent or the incident in Belgium or Boston and rightly so …But when it happens in Isreal it is asked to capitulate and make concessions. Talk about Double Standards and  lo and behold the terrorist receive a free ride, and everyone blames strange and
What the  ultimate travesty of this assembly of all the World Leaders is the fact that they let Palestinian Authority President Abbas attend this March.. Heres a guy who pays reward money to terrorists that kills  Jews and also names streets after these Terrorists.
To  make manners worst the  French Government is attempting to by pass  the Isreali govrnments sovereignty and put Up Jerusalem on the acution block so to speak and force Isreals hand  to start up peace talks .. and will be demanding a 2 state solution.
France  you want a 2 state solution? You and every other E.U.nation with your muslim population soon will have a have your chance for a  2 state solution in your own countries. When  you  empeliment yours let  Isreal know how you like it and how wonderful it  is.  In the meanwhile…..
  Mind your own  business and worry about your own nation which seems to be plunging in downward spiral motion as regugees pour in.What you seem to be  doing is placating your own Muslim population by puting Isreal in the hot seat. If its Terror in Euruope its terror in Isreal. Don’t stand up for the perputrater of terror and stick it to Isreal.Isreal handed over Sinai,Gaza and parts of the West Bank as a land for peace deal..well does anyone see peace coming from these areas?  Now the E.U. Wants Isreal to  further hand over more land for peace.  Haven’t we all heard this song before? What example are the Palestinians  setting for a  land for peace DEAL… you tell me….Yes the Palestinains want Peace,allright a Peice of Haifa A Peice of Tel Aviv A peicee of Jerusalem.

    All European life died in Auschwitz

Europe Got Muslims for Jews | The Brussels Journa


Cyprus internment camps – Wikipedia/


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