The Solution To National Health Care


   Former Surgeon General C.Everett Koop No Involvement In Our Solution

      The U.S.Health Care is broken..We at the Lerman Report have come up with the solution.
The Affordable Health  Care Act even with the Republican revision is nowhere near the solution.The solution is a very simple in order to rectify this mess we call  Health Care in  America.
 A while back My father received a bill from an unknown Doctor for $500.  “Who are you”?  He replied to this Doctor-and went on to say I never went to you” This Doctor said your absolutely right you never saw me before ..but  remember last year when you were at the your local hospital complaining  of chest pains and took & they took an EKG?.  Well I have a contract with that hospital for a  2nd opinion on interpretation  of those  EKG’S.  My father said first of all I never contracted you. & 2nd this is a year later and had the EKG showed any heart irregularity  they wouldn’t have release me.
  The Doctor got loud “He turned his fraudulent scheme  around and said “because of  people like you is the reason why our  health care is so expensive’. Another Doctor sends him a bill  for “In Office Surgery $600. What surgery my father  inquired The Office manager replied back “we pricked your finger for a drop of blood”.
Our plan is a simple one. Every Doctor will work for the Federal Government.. They will wear a uniform just like The Surgeon General. They will have a ranking and pay system just like as if they were Medical Officers in our Military with the exclusive difference is they can quit at anytime.. however if they decide to quit they will be permanently barred from practicing medicine or any of its related  fields anywhere within the U.S and it’s Territories.
Let them all wave goodbye to that big Mercedes Benz along with the Sprawling Multi Million Dollar Homes that they now enjoy..Trust us they will never starve they will make decent living..This will weed out for a lack of a better term ‘The Bums in our medical system.
All these urgent care facility’s can be taken over under imminent domain or fresh new facilities can be opened up.  We need dedication back in our health care field..More Marcus Welby and Ben Casey type Doctors as in years past .We are sure that The general public is in total agreement with us.
INTERNATIONAL HEROLD/ Bartholomew Bitsko Editor

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