Didn’t We Learn Our Lesson With J.Edgar Hoover? America Doesn’t Need a Permanent Non Elected Government..

S.Prokofiev. Suite from The Love for Three Oranges. /

The American people does not need  a permanent non elected government.
       Well That what the F.B.I. is Paramount of being. Trump fired F.B.I. Director Comey and he can fire the entire Bureau if he chooses to do so. Whether it was a good decision or a bad  decision as The Commander in Chief its his prerogative.
    Each and every Federal Non Civil Service Employee works at the Presidents Pleasure.  Trump as President has every right to give any Federal Employee the Heave Ho at any time. In a nut shell Comey apparently engaged in working to undermine impartiality and showing preferential treatment toward the Democrats.  When it comes to partisan politics the F.B.I. should be like Caesar’s Wife  above reproach..and sad to say it was not.
 If The F.B.I. can go after the Presidents personal lawyer the let us ask everyone…what chance does the average U.S. Citizen have for non Gestapo style Justice? The targeting of  Trumps lawyer Cohen is  beyond political  and vengeful..
Drain the Swamp..Drain the Swamp. Drain The Swamp.
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