Vets and Active Duty First… Then Play Worlds Social Worker

Do not take in  Illegal Immigrants  from  the south of our border ….
.        First its a  security nightmare ..We don’t know how many immigrants arriving have some sort of terrorist affiliation. All thought most may pass muster as few as 1,000  people who don’t can reck havoc in our Country.
In addition we have absolutely no sure way to vett those who arrive without or with questionable documentation which can not be validated due to uncooperative and unfriendly governments  such as   that of the Assad regime .
2.Take care of Veterans & Active duty personnel first.Veterans have  received one cola payment on their Pensions or  Compensation disability checks  in 8 years. Can anyone enlighten us to as what kind of mindset does our Elected Officials subscribe to keep and continue this kind of lopsided logic festering?
At a time that our Naval statically numbers are at pre WWI levels and Active Duty Serviceman are not getting rank due to cutbacks and it  no make matters worse it spilled over and is effecting our  recruiting Station tally.
However plenty of money will be earmarked  for these immigrants.The immigrants  will receive and $1,800 resettlement tax free bonus plus  SSI, Food Stamps,Medicaid,free child care and a subsided Apartment. We urge all government agencies and representatives earmark any future  funds to active duty service men and Veterans first last and always Does American’s have a sign attached to our far heads that reads Shmuck?..” They all know all over the world Come to America and get all the goodies for free”

Beyond shameful..  

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