Watch Out For Auto Manufacturers As They Cut New Car Warranty Time.


    Many Auto manufacturers have or intend to cut their new car warranty time. Toyota is advertising 2year 25,000 mile warranty.. This has been reduced from 3 years 35,000 miles.  Chevrolet and GMC has also reduced drive train from 100 000 miles to 60,000.
They apparently are pushing the “exstended warranty” now.. Most auto companies have a plethora of warranty options available past the initial 2 or 3 years that you get include when you purchase a new car.
We  at The Lerman Report never saw or heard this mention led once on any mall media outlet. Get use to less is not more
Related image
GM to cut Chevy, GMC powertrain warranty to 60,000 miles from ..
GM slices warranties, free service on Chevy, GMC – USA Today
ToyotaCare: No Cost Maintenance Plan & Roadside Assistances

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