We’re Not Fond of The Expression “On The Right Side of History”

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What concerns us as Advocats for Jewish interests is when We hear  Liberal Politicians as well as all the International world leaders say
 “Your on right side of History” referring to the Syrian refugee immigrants entering America and the West. Their version the PC of multiculturalism is not compatible with  my views and  or with Judeo_Christion values. Why is it alright to take up the “Palestinian Cause” while throwing Israel under the bus is ok. We know all too well that in a few short years these Syrian refugees will be voting and once they do there will never be a Jewish or pro Israel politician elected in America.. Europe has always abandoned Israel and Jews a second time since the Holocaust.
When We see world leaders such as Angela Merkel turns a deaf ear to her  fellow countryman  dissatisfaction with the influx of millions of incoming Syrian refugees.. I can conclude only one thing… That perhaps the German elections are not on the up and up and she knows that she can’t loose.
Why else would she dilerbertly disregard her citizens wishes? There are 22 Arab nations comprising an area of the continental United States  let their brother Arab nations step up to the plate and show them some hospitality and take them in their co religionists it’s not the western nations obligation to do so.
The press is manipulating this Syrian refugee story. While they constantly continue to show  mothers holding babies and young children, absent from the cameras are the big strong strapping young men who should be staying behind and fighting for their country.. Those men are there they are right next to these women holding up their babies but there not bring filmed..Millions of Syrians left their Homeland for greener Pastuers of Euroupe today .People who live in Germany for example  will have to work at least till their 75  to  pay for the overhead of the immigrant  resettlement  cost..
Why should the American Army and their Allies have to go to Syria and pull  their peoples chestnuts out of the fire?
Let’s tell it as it is the new left is in American Political circles
It is not the left of  your dear old Granny and JFK.. The thing that they are looking to accomplish is to create a class of voters that are indebted to their  political party for a handout of a plethora of free benefits Nothing more
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