Republican’s Should Be Totally Ashamed of Bill Disallowing Internet Privacy Protection.

      Trump and the  Republican Congress should be totally ashamed of themselves for passing a bill Disallowing Internet Privacy Protection. Now your internet provider Comcast , Verizon, AT&T  etc.  can sell, trade or use any and all things on your computer. Outrageous is an understatement. This shows that every legislator who was part and Parcel in putting this into law doesn’t give a crap about anyone other than themselves.
This brainstorm didn’t happen overnight so why didn’t any media outlet report on it sooner? I’m pretty certain that they had to know and sat on the story until it was a done deal. This law is a travesty on the American people.
Call or right your representatives today and voice your displeasure.Related image Orchid

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One comment on “Republican’s Should Be Totally Ashamed of Bill Disallowing Internet Privacy Protection.

  1. Techtapod says:

    Once again the fathers of betrayers proved that they are not ruling to protect the country and its people but taking control over their life and making trillions out of it. PureVPN seems to be the only option to take back the control from them and protect our privacy


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