This Call May Be Recorded For Quality Control or Training Purposes..


Who hasn’t  made a phone call only to hear the warning “This Call May Be Recorded For Quality Control or Training Purposes”
Let us at the International Herold tell you exactly what that means.. Number one there is no such thing as training purposes or for quality control. The Insurance Industry has lobbied lawmakers both on the State & Federal level to have that statement Paramount to an acceptance of their verbal agreement. The real reason is that the outfit that your calling will record your conversation is to record you if you  say something threatening, commiting liable,say anything about a commission of a crime. If none of that occurs then the recording gets erased. However if they (the company that’s recording you) says or admits fault  or make promises that they won’t keep, makes false statements or any form of negligence on their part then you can be rest assured that it will be erased.. Its as simple as that.

Keep in mind that even if either you or the other party records a phone call and even there is no warning that cannot be admissable in open court but a Judge still may listen to it in his Chambers.




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